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"Web 2.0: Are You Using Web 2.0 To Grow Your Business?"

Attention Web Entrepreneurs And Business Owners...

Web 2.0: Are You Using Web 2.0 To Grow Your Business?

If not, you are missing out on one of the best free ways to leverage the power of the internet to start and/or grow your online business. The Web is the #1 tool for online and offline business promotion. Web 2.0 can help you communicate your business message to your local area and to the world!

Do you need resources - time, money, expert people, ideas - to fulfill your online business goals and objectives?

If you answered yes, you are at the right place.

Where Do You Turn For Web 2.0 Advice, Web 2.0 Online Business Solutions And Support?

I am an InfoProvider. I am a CONNECTOR. I connect people to Web 2.0 ideas and the Best Web 2.0 trusted experts and resources. I am also a Web 2.0 consultant, coach and mentor. As a web entrepreneur and a home office business owner I understand the web challenges you face. I am here to support you.

So Now what? How will the above posted message help you as a web entrepreneur or a small business owner go to the next level in your home based business or small online or offline business?

CALL Me at 347-404-6850 (EST) to set up a Free 30 minute Web 2.0 consultation (value $100). Lets talk. Lets have a meeting of the minds. The main focus of this Free 30 minute Web 2.0 consultation call will be "How Can I Help You?" I have a wealth of online Web 2.0 resources that I can share with you for free.

Note: There is a fee for additional Web 2.0 consultation services for me to help you apply my Web 2.0 knowledge or to coach you.

There is a SPECIAL PROMOTION offered package for those who would like additional Web 2.0 telephone one on one live consultation. Get the best prices now (fast action discount 50%). The price structure will be as follows:

- The First 20 people $250 USD for 5 one hour consultations ($50 per hour) or 10 thirty minutes consultations ($25 per 1/2 hour).

- Then the price will be $500 USD for 5 0ne hour consultations ($100 per hour) or 10 thirty minutes consultations ($50 per 1/2 hour).

Discover the Power of Web 2.0 for your business...

Are you trying to figure out web 2.0, but don't know where to start?

If you are curious about Web 2.0 or if implementing Free online tools intrigues you...

Here are just a few of the important things you'll learn:

* Learn how Free Web 2.0 Tools and Resources can benefit you and your business.

* Learn how Web 2.0 can help build your brand awareness and promote your business online.

* Learn several different Web 2.o ways to promote your business online starting today.

* Learn about social media and the top social media and social networking sources.

* Learn the Best Web 2.0 social media sources to use to set up a Web 2.0 profile that get indexed fast with good SERP's to expand your online presence and visibility.

* Learn how to drive targeted traffic from Web 2.0 social networking sites to your business web site and/or blog.

* Learn the Best Web 2.0 social networking site to establish yourself as an expert.

* Learn about the Best Web 2.0 sources that have a built in online community that can generate instant interested targeted traffic.

* Learn the sources for Free Web 2.0 interactive blogs.

* Learn how to have a Free Web 2.0 speaking blog and downloadable audio podcasts.

*Learn the Best Free Web 2.0 Audio - Podcasting / Producing personal audio content resources.

* Learn the Best Free Web 2.0 Video sources.

* Learn the Best Free Web tools for you to track and monitor your Web 2.0 effectiveness.

* Learn so much more...

Maybe, you have discovered Web 2.0 and realize the power of using it. Maybe, you even know many of the resources and what it is you need to do but feel overwhelmed by the task at hand and need support. Call Me 347-240-3713.

Working alone is challenging . . . it's critical that we set up systems, accountability structures, and goals that keep us moving forward.

Don't be intimidated to pick up the phone and call to set up your free 30 minute Web 2.0 consultation. Let me know "How I Can Help You?" If you get my home office answering machine please leave your name, telephone number and the best time to return your call.

I believe, this might be the Best call you make today!

Call Minsheyenwen: Call 347-240-3713
Worldwide Access: Twitter Me A Direct Message

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All About Squidoo!

All About Squidoo!

I am working on my new blog - All About Squidoo! It gives the visitors and new rss subscribe readers options. Either you can read the post or click the icon on top of the post and it will read the post to you.

How cool is this?

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